20 Things You Didn’t Know About Justin Timberlake!

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20 Things You Didn’t Know About Justin Timberlake! 20. Justin Timberlake and Fergie dated when he was 16 and she was 23. Of course, this was before JT and Britney Spears got serious. According to Fergie, one of her friends was dating one of the guys in N’Sync. So, the two ended up having fun and making out on regular occasions. They even went on vacation to Hawaii together. It seems these kind of age difference relationships are acceptable among celebrities, but may not be so in reality. 19. “Ba Da Ba Ba Ba Ba… I’m Lovin’ It”. Remember that catchy McDonalds jingle? The jingle was first accredited to Justin Timberlake and Pharrell, and Timberlake’s 2003 song, “I’m Lovin’ It”. However, it eventually came out that the popular tune was actually written by rapper Pusha T. Either way, Justin Timberlake was paid $6 million dollars to sing the jingle for McDonald’s. 18. In 2011, if you saw Ernie from Sesame Street walking around at the San Diego Comic Con, you might have seen Justin Timberlake. The pop star, was at Comic Con promoting In Time, when he decided he was tired of not being able to go out in public without being recognized.

So, he dressed up as Ernie and roamed around without having to worry about it. 17. Justin Timberlake and Ryan Gosling lived together when they were younger for six months. During the filming of “Mickey Mouse Club”, Ryan’s mom was deported to Canada. So that Ryan wouldn’t have to leave the show during that period, Justin’s mom became Ryan’s temporary legal guardian. 16. Justin Timberlake and Ryan Gosling stole a golf cart together when they were young boys. According to Timberlake they thought they were “so cool”.

They took the golf cart and drove it into MGM Studios, which was most likely illegal. Unfortunately, Justin says he and Gosling don’t keep in touch as often as he’d like. He does call Gosling “one of the best actors of our generation” though. The two did get to catch up at a recent SNL after party. Eyewitnesses report seeing the two catching up and laughing. They were described as the hit of the party, and everyone enjoyed watching them. , http://www.usmagazine.com/celebrity-news/news/ryan-gosling-justin-timberlake-have-mickey-mouse-club-reunion-at-snl-bash-w159163) 15.

Justin Timberlake was the first celebrity Punk’d by Ashton Kutcher. Spoiler alert! In the prank, Dax Shepard, with Ashton Kutcher in his ear, posed as a U.S agent. Shepard claimed that Timberlake owed the government $900,000 in taxes. He then began to to pretend to repossess Timberlake’s houses and cars. He even goes so far as to break one of his guitars. The video went viral, because JT actually came to tears. Some years later, when asked about that episode, Justin Timberlake admitted to being “so high”. He said being high was the only explanation to his reaction that day. He says he even quit getting high for about a year afterwards. 14. Dax Shepard, who was also on set of that Punk’d episode admits to almost losing his cool with Justin Timberlake. JT repeatedly said, “I was about to f*cking punch you,” to the annoyance of Shepard, who admittedly, was suffering from anger management problems at the time. If it wasn’t for the intervention of Ashton Kutcher, Justin Timberlake and Dax Shepard may very well have gotten into a fist fight that day. 13. In 2003, at the beginning of Justin Timberlake’s solo career, Mick Jagger invited the pop artist to play at a festival with his legendary band, The Rolling Stones.

During JT’s set, the classic rock loving audience threw water bottles and trash onto the stage, and at the singer. Later, during the Rolling Stone’s set, Mick Jagger invited JT back on stage and even sang some of “Cry Me a River” with him. The audience continued to protest and throw things at Justin. Rolling Stone guitarist, Keith Richards, became angry, and motioned for the crowd to show some respect. Before Justin could run off stage in a hurry, he gave each band member a hug, and thanked them by their first name. I guess you could say that was a tough crowd.

12. Justin Timberlake supports a number of humanitarian causes. He once donated a watch piece that was auctioned off, with sales benefitting MusiCares of the MAP Fund. The charity focused on the recovery of addiction to drugs and alcohol in the music community. He also teamed up with Michael Stipe of REM to write a song entitled “In the Sun”, whose sales helped victims of hurricane Katrina. 11. Justin Timberlake’s wife, Jessica Biel, often stuns onlookers with her red carpet style. However, the actress admits that the mastermind behind her style is her husband, Justin. She says of the two, he is by far the most stylish. Timberlake picked out her gorgeous vintage inspired $130,000 engagement ring without any hints from her. 10. In 2000, Justin Timberlake was eating breakfast at a radio station, where he left a half-eaten piece of French toast. One of the wait staff put the piece on Ebay, and sold it for 1,025 dollars to a 19-year-old fan. I can’t help but wonder if she still has it. 9. JT dropped his pants for Madonna while recording her album Hard Candy.

Apparently Justin wasn’t feeling too well, so Madonna offered him a vitamin B-12 shot. He took the offer, expecting a doctor or nurse to come administer the shot. He was shocked when Madonna herself pulled out a Zip-Lock baggie with syringes and said the words, “drop your pants”. Justin says, “I didn’t know what to say to that, so I immediately dropped my pants. She gave me a shot in my a—and looks at me and says ‘nice top shelf’. That was one of the greatest days of my life.” 8. Elton John is a big fan of JT and even asked him to feature in one of his music videos. Flattered of course, Justin Timberlake agreed and played a young Elton John in the music video for “This Train Don’t Stop There Anymore.” In the video, it is hard to even recognize Justin as he parades around is classic 70’s Elton John attire in an almost comedic way. 7. Justin Timberlake reportedly filed a restraining order against a serial stalker by the name of Karen McNeil.

McNeill was found multiple times on JT’s private property. Once apprehended by Timberlake’s security, she was brought in for a psychiatric evaluation. Upon the evaluation, is was discovered that McNeil believed herself to be a “god” and that she was destined to rule the world alongside Justin Timberlake. Regarding Karen McNeil, Justin said he feared for his and his family’s safety. 6. Back in the 90’s, James Van Der Beek helped sneak an underage Justin Timberlake into a Las Vegas club by passing his ID down to Justin before he reached the bouncer. Justin was able to get into the club, but pushed his luck a little too far when he tried to pass Van Der Beek’s ID a third time to another ungerage N’Sync member.

The Bouncer couldn’t be fooled twice, and refused to let a third James Van Der Beek into the club. 5. Justin Timberlake and Jimmy Fallon are best friends. Timberlake is a regular guest star on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, doing skits such as “History of Rap”. The two also did regular skits on Saturday Night Live together. Today, they exchange gifts such as coffee mugs with each other’s faces on them, and share baby stories. The two didn’t meet on SNL, though. They actually met at the VMAs in 2002. Justin was a new solo artist, and Jimmy was a nervous VMA host. The two first-timers formed a bond over their shared nerves. Jimmy Fallon actually described Justin Timberlake as his “rabbit’s foot” that night, claiming they brought each other luck.

4. There are rumors of a multi-year long group text among former N’Sync members. In an interview, former boy band member, Lance Bass, said the members of the band have a group text where they send funny things to each other. There is a lot of speculation on whether this group text actually exists. There is good reason to suspect the group text might not exist. The former band members are rarely seen together. None of whom even attended Justin Timberlake’s wedding in 2012. 3. Justin Timberlake and his family bought Mirimichi golf course, located in Memphis, in 2009. After putting $16 million dollars’ worth of renovation, it became one of the most eco-friendly golf courses in the country. As an avid golfer himself, Timberlake was tournament host for Shriners Hospitals for Children Open from 2008-2012.

The Mirimichi golf course was named one of the best courses in 2013 and 2014. The course was recently sold to a Memphis business-man for a mere $500,000. 2. Justin Timberlake coined the phrase “wardrobe malfunction”, after the infamous Janet Jackson nip-slip at the 2004 Super Bowl. During the act, Timberlake reached for Janet Jackson’s leather cup that covered her breast, and accidentally uncovered her boob for hundreds of thousands of watchers, while singing the words, “have you naked by the end of this song”. He later apologized for the mistake, describing it as a “wardrobe malfunction.” 1.

Justin Timberlake recently had a baby with his wife Jessica Biel. His son’s name is Silas Randall Timberlake; they share a middle name. On fatherhood, Justin says he wakes up every morning, and thinks ‘I have no idea what I’m doing.” Timberlake’s recent hit song, “Can’t Stop the Feeling!” was somewhat inspired by his son. He says since most of his music would not be appropriate for his young song, this was a song he could actually listen to..

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