Making it Better 1992 London Play

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Making it Better

by James Saunders

It is 1989; Czechoslovakia is struggling with its new-found freedom. In London, Pavlicek and Tomas, two Czechoslovakian émigrés, become involved in the tangled relationship between Diana and Adrian Harrington, who purvey British culture across the globe via the World Service. Adrian has an affair with Tomas, Diana with Pavlicek and then with Tomas…. Betrayals – of friends, lovers, countries and ideals – abound in this emotionally exacting and politically stringent comedy, in which nobody plays by the rules and nobody emerges blameless.

1992 West End Criterion Theatre


Tomas Kratky – Rufus Sewell
Adrian Harrington – Larry Lamb
Diana Harrington – Jane Asher
Josef Pavlicek – David De Keyser
Sylvester Morand

Designer – Simon Higlett
Director – Michael Rudman